13 Articles from our New Grad Financial and Business Journalist Ross Chatwin

Ross Chatwin, a new grad from the Southern College of Optometry class of 2014 and Financial and Business Content Journalist for OS, has contributed many great clinical pearls and articles with advice on everything from student loans to malpractice insurance over the last few years. We’d like to thank Ross for all his great work!

Ross is currently practicing low vision and vision therapy at Sugar House Vision and is also practicing primary care at Wasatch Eye & Optical. He and his wife now live in Bountiful, Utah with their two boys. Congrats, Ross!

If you haven’t already read his articles, check out the list below:

Do It For The Money…Wait, What?

Optometry News to Remember from 2013!

Optometry Student to Successful Optometrist: Caring for Your Patients

Ross-ChatwinYou May Know All About Eyes…But What Do You Know About Student Loans?

The Kiosk Bill And Your Future

Optometry Student to Successful Optometrist: Initiative

Pesky Eyelids? Use the Cotton Tipped Applicator Technique

Malpractice Insurance: What Every Optometry Student Should Know

Optometry Student to Successful Optometrist: Communication

Optometry Student to Successful Optometrist: Dr. Chad Fleming OD, FAAO, Business and Career Coach at AOA Excel, tells us how.

Spanish/English Translations of the Most Common Eye Conditions

SUNY College of Optometry: Getting and MBA Just Got Easier!

Picking the Right Optometry School for You!

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