A Weekend in Optometry school

Would you think that the weekend between the third and fourth week of Optometry school would be busy? To the point where there is no fun allowed, only studying?

Some may think there is time to party and some may choose to play it safe and study all weekend. Well fortunatly I have been reviewing for all my

suny optometry 2013
suny optometry 2013

classes at SUNY for at least 3-4 hours per day, everyday. That means throughout the week I am consistantly mastering material in gross anatomy, optics, optometric theroy and procedures, ocular anatomy, histology and human bioscience. Although I studied plenty over the weekend, you got to have some fun or you will loose your mind! Balance…

So I am sure you want to hear about a weekend in NYC. Well Thursday was a relaxed day, enough to see a late night movie and hang out with my girl. Friday involved a pre-game party at our place in Astoria and then a pretty fun night bar hopping in downtown Manhattan south of Houston st. Pretty much the entire 1st year optometry class came and some scattered people from other classes to.

There’s nothing better then drunk conversations about how to do good in optometry school, Haha!

You would be surprised how helpful the older students are! They hook us up with text books, notes, tests and just general good advice. That is why SUNY optometry college is one of the best; the people are amazing.

Saturday consisted of doing some BMX street bike riding in lower Manhataan with 3 friends from Long Island. We rode some great spots on the Brooklyn bridge, battery park and the rest of the tip of the island. Great times I must say.

I got home and studyed for about an hour, doing lots of optics related practice test problems.

Yet something went wrong here! I woke up late for class! Now I am sitting on the subway, surrounded by sleeping people and I am 3 stops away. My commute from Astoria is only 20min away so I will be about 20 min late to gross anatomy. Not good!!! This will not happen again, that I can promise.

Check back soon!

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