4 Helpful Articles from New Grad and HPSP Recipient Matt Weinheimer

After spending some time in Indiana earning his undergraduate degree and at the Illinois College of Optometry, OS Federal Service Journalist and new grad Matt Weinheimer finds himself practicing halfway around the world at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Okinawa, Japan. Talk about a big move!

As an alumnus of the Navy’s Health Professions Scholarship Program, Matt has been commissioned as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. Back when he was a student, Matt offered advice on everything from pediatrics, to residencies, to the very scholarship he himself earned.

Check out Matt’s articles below:

Get Paid to be an Optometry Student: Inside the U.S. Military HPSP Program

The Shy Visual Acuity

VAs and Victory Laps: The Path to Becoming an Optometry Expert

Wide Open Spaces: 5 Reasons to Join the Public Health Service

Congratulations on your graduation, Dr. Weinheimer. We hope you are enjoying your time in Okinawa!

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