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Managing Stress During Optometry School

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Endocrinologist Hans Selye defined stress as a nonspecific response to pressure or demand, and this is still true today. Optometry school demands many factors that can cause stress, from workload to studying for exams, financial commitments and many more. Understanding the effects of stress on our minds and bodies and what we can do to …

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Travel Grants for Optometry’s Meeting 2020 – Don’t miss out!

If you are planning on going to Optometry’s Meeting in Washington, D.C. this June, you already have plenty of reasons to attend: the Optometry Student Bowl powered by Essilor, Luxottica Live!, residency summits, and Optometry Unites at Capital Hill. But if that weren’t enough, there are still travel grants available to help make your trip …

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Arkansas Scope of Practice

Scope of Optometric Practice in the Natural State Adventure Awaits in Arkansas The south-eastern United States is home to a plethora of opportunities for Optometrists, none of which are more exciting than in the state of Arkansas. For optometrists, this amazing state offers some of the most extraordinary outdoor activities and earns its name of …

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Maryland Scope of Practice – “Good Morning, Baltimore!”

Living in Maryland For optometrists looking to head to the mid-Atlantic region of the US, Maryland is a beautiful coastal state with almost a quarter of its area surrounded by water. Home to prestigious universities like Johns Hopkins, Loyola, the University of Maryland, and the US Naval Academy, Maryland’s neighboring cities of Baltimore and Annapolis …

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Connecticut Scope of Practice

Optometric Practice in Connecticut Life in Connecticut Conveniently located near both Boston and New York City, the state of Connecticut offers a slower-paced atmosphere along the east coast. The rural landscape of the Berkshire mountain range, quaint New England towns, and an atmosphere rich in academic prowess surround the state of Connecticut. Although it is …

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Wisconsin Scope of Practice

Practicing Optometry in Wisconsin While Wisconsin may have a reputation for good cheese and cold winters,  it has more to offer than that. In addition to miles of farmland, Milwaukee and Madison are the state’s major cities, and many smaller cities have University of Wisconsin branches. Life in America’s Dairyland Beyond the lively night life, …

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Rhode Island Scope of Practice

Rhode Island: Scope of Practice in the Ocean State The East coast of the United States is home to the small but mighty state of Rhode Island. Nestled in the southernmost part of New England, Rhode Island offers picturesque beach cottages, a bustling metropolitan area, and a rocky coastline dotted with New England mansions. This …

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Wyoming Scope of Practice

Wyoming: The Cowboy State The great plains of Wyoming are as remote as they are vast. With a total population under 600,000 people, Wyoming is the least-populated state in the US. For healthcare providers, this means many patients must travel great distances to seek out medical care. Additionally, patients who are unable to make the …

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Nebraska Scope of Practice

Scope of Practice in the Cornhusker State Optometrists looking to practice in the state of Nebraska will love the expansive scope of practice of optometric medicine. Nebraska, the Cornhusker state, offers two major metropolitan areas of Lincoln and Omaha. Lincoln, home to the main campus of University of Nebraska is always buzzing during football season. …

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Virginia Scope of Practice

Optometry in the Old dominion state   The “Old Dominion” state of Virginia is a wonderland for eye care professionals looking to explore American history. From Thomas Jefferson’s house at Monticello to the colonial settlement of Williamsburg, Virginia is a state rich in American Revolutionary history. The state capital of Richmond is a smaller city …

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