Optometry iBooks: Rebates Available for AOA/AOSA Members

*For this weekend only (January 14-15, 2017), all iBooks are on sale for $15 or less!

Let’s face it, we could all use a little help to get through optometry school. For core concepts like Biochemistry or Anatomy and Physiology, one can often find a wealth of information on the web. I was usually able to find a website or two explaining difficult concepts, a few YouTube videos explaining pathways, and even entire sets of flash cards already made for me. But when it comes to the more specialized courses we take such as Ophthalmic Optics or Vision Therapy, you might find yourself, as I have, struggling through dense research articles or old textbooks that don’t condense information in the efficient way you need to consume it in optometry school. And aren’t those textbooks just so darn expensive too?!

ridgevue-publishingThis is where Ridgevue Publishing steps in. Ridgevue has created clear, concise, and affordable iBooks with the optometry student in mind, for first year students to fourth year students and anything in between. One book that I used personally is Geometric Optics by Mark Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD, FAAO. What I loved most about this iBook were the awesome examples of core concepts I needed to know for my optics classes as well as videos and animations to help demonstrate topics I could never find on YouTube. If I needed more than what my class notes provided, I could just do quick search for a topic in the iBook. Text can be highlighted and annotated, and I loved the additional practice problems that I used to test my knowledge. I can even see myself going back and reviewing some of these problems when reviewing for the NBEO exams.

One of the best things about these iBooks above all else is the price. They range in cost from $4.99 – $39.99, far less expensive than their paper counterparts. What’s more is that these textbooks are all written by experts in their field, so you know you are getting the best information available. The textbooks update automatically too, which means the days of having to worry about buying different editions is over!

aosaI highly recommend the textbooks from Ridgevue publishing – there are currently 11 titles and more to come in the future. With fully searchable text and built in flash cards and study aids, they have really taken textbook studying to a whole different level. AOSA members also qualify for a $3 rebate on all Ridgevue Publishing iBooks; if you also “Like” Ridgevue on Facebook, you’ll receive $5. All you have to do is simply email your receipt from the iTunes store to publish@ridgevue.com and specify whether you’d like to receive an e-check or a PayPal transfer. To get your hands on some of our favorite Ridgevue iBooks, check out the links below. If you are curious, you can download a free sample of most books. Good luck and happy studying!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. On which devices can these iBooks be displayed? Any Apple device—iPad, Mac, or iPhone. They cannot be viewed on Droids, Surfaces, PCs.
  2. Do these iBooks expire? No. As long as you have the same Apple ID, you’ll have access to the iBook, just like music on iTunes.
  3. Can I view the iBook on multiple devices? Yes. A purchased iBook can be viewed on any Apple device that is linked to your Apple ID.
  4. If I buy now and a new edition or update is released, am I screwed? No. You can download all updates and new versions for free. Ridgevue is adding video content all the time.
  5. I have a question, who can I ask? Email publish@ridgevue.com and you’ll get a quick response.


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