Join Us for AOA+! Register Soon for Early-Bird Discount and Travel Grant

When: AOA+ event on June 21, 2017, Optometry’s Meeting June 21-25, 2017

This summer, optometrists and optometry students from across the country are headed to our nation’s capital to lobby for our profession at the AOA+ event. Optometry is a legislated profession, and it’s up to all of us to advocate for our profession with our law and policy makers.

Since optometry is a legislated profession, each state has its own scope of practice. Through this advocacy event, we hope to make nationwide changes to better our profession. As described by AOA President Dr. Andrea Thau at an event at Southern College of Optometry, “If you can pass something on a national level, we all win.”

In the past, the advocacy event and Optometry’s Meeting have been at separate times, in separate areas of the country. Last year, Optometry’s Meeting was in Boston in June (recap here), while the Congressional Advocacy Congress was in Washington D.C., in April. Both events were a great success for our profession, but, this year, we are bringing those two events together to create a greater voice for our profession.

aoa-os-v2Because this is such an important event, and because the American Optometric Association is committed to helping students become involved with the profession from day one, the AOA is giving away $750 travel grants for those who register. Remember, you must attend all AOA+ special events and register for Optometry’s Meeting to qualify for the travel grant.

  • Register here for Optometry’s Meeting by March 10th for the $75 early-bird registration fee!
  • Register here for the FREE AOA+ by March 31st to lock in your $750 travel grant! 

Can’t make it, but still want to make a difference? Get involved with the AOSA at your school, talk to your local legislators, join your state association, and donate to AOA-PAC! Check out the AOA-PAC app for talking points and further education.

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