January 14, 2014 | POSTED BY | Clinical Pearls
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We can create “optical illusions” in order to enhance the cosmesis of patients and/or to hide defects that would otherwise make the patient insecure, with nothing but lenses.  Here are some examples of ‘cosmetic optics’:

Changing the appearance of the size of the eye:

  1. Plus (+) power increases the eye size and brings the appearance forward.
  2. Minus (-) power makes the eye look smaller and recessed

Changing the appearance of the lids:

  1. Minus (-) cylinder at axis 180 gives the illusion of a narrower lid opening
  2. Minus (-) cylinder at axis 90 gives the illusion of a wider lid opening

Hiding a superior sulcus defect or pseudo-blepharoptosis:

  1. Gradient tints in lenses can mask an upper lid defect

If you have any other tricks to share, please do in the comments below!


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