The Journey from a Pre-Optometry Student to an Optometry Student

The Journey from a Pre-Optometry Student to an Optometry Student
By: Matt Gelleroptometry students eye

When a student has an idea that Optometry is the career they would like to pursue, were do they go from here? The subject certainly lacks information which in its own right is a positive thing, forcing students to be creative, to ask more questions and to try harder to achieve the answers. Yet often times the lack of information on the subject of pre-optometry turns away bright and ambitions students from entering the field.

During undergraduate college, a student has a very fuzzy idea of what optometry school will be like. Typically most students know 3 things.

1.    Optometry school will be hard.
2.    Optometry school will focus on eyes for the most part.
3.    Optometry school will cost lots of money.

There are too many students who have no idea where what they are doing with their life because there is a massive lack of information to answer their questions. Simply put, the goal of is to expand the minds of upcoming optometrists resulting in an increase of knowledge and a thorough understanding of eye care and all that comes with the career of optometry.

This website will be the #1 source of information for undergraduate optometry students and graduate optometry students so keep a close watch as it evolves over the years to come. The website will be updated on a daily basis with facts, figures, creative ideas, news, educational lessons and loads more. The keystone of the site will be a live feed describing the day-to-day grind that a SUNY Optometry College freshman student goes through.

With all of this valuable information about Optometry, students will find it much easier to transition into different phases of their life whether it is the undergraduate to the graduate level, or the graduate to professional level. There is no doubt about it; the more information one knows regarding a specific field, the more wisdom, value and creativity they can bring to the table to benefit themselves and others.

Bookmark now and check back ASAP for valuable updates.

Welcome to the family!


Matthew Geller
SUNY 2013

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