November 20, 2016 | POSTED BY | News, Organized Optometry
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Wondering what the current scope of practice of optometry is in a specific state? You’ve heard that optometry is a legislated profession and what we can and cannot do is dictated by state and federal law. States differ in their limitations, particularly in allowing/not allowing optometrists to prescribe oral medications (not allowed in New York or Massachusetts), prescribe oral steroids, treat glaucoma with topicals and/or orals (not allowed in Massachusetts), provide injectables, and perform laser procedures (allowed in Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Louisiana).

The AOSA Trustees and have worked hard to put together this legislative series and we are continuously adding to this list. Have an update that we missed? Leave us a comment below!

Thanks to the trustees for their continued efforts to advocate for the future of our profession. The issues at hand today will define how we practice optometry when we graduate, so get involved with your school’s AOSA, join your state’s optometric association, and attend AOA+ June 21, 2017! Reach out to the AOA by contacting to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Special thanks to the team of writers from the Ohio State helping us to complete our series!