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Hepatolenticular Degeneration

Quick Boards Review: Hepatolenticular Degeneration Wilson’s Disease, also known as Hepatolenticular Degeneration, is a rare, autosomal recessive mutation in the ATP7B gene.1 This mutation causes a decrease in serum ceruloplasmin which is an important chaperone protein that aids in removing copper in the body.2 This is detrimental because when copper is not removed from the body, it …

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Ptroublesome Ptosis

Ptroublesome Ptosis That ptroublesome ptosis: A patient presents with a new “droopy” lid. So, brilliant optometrist: What are you going to do about it? Ptosis is an abnormally low position of the upper eyelid. It is more common in older patients due to a gradual loss of function of the muscles working to hold the eyelids up. However, …

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Retinoblastoma found in Pediatric Eye Exam

Age/Sex/Race 2 year old Caucasian female Chief Complaint “My granddaughter’s pediatrician thinks her eyes aren’t working together and wants her checked for a lazy eye. It only happens sometimes in the left eye.” Medical History / Ocular History / Family History Unremarkable Medications None NKDA Diagnosis and initial plan of action I thought it might …

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I’ve had Blurry Vision Since I Got Off the Ventilator

Age/Sex/Race 38 yo Caucasian Female Chief Complaint “I can’t see very well since I got off the ventilator. On my first day off of the ventilator, I saw complete black. Now, I’m able to make out outlines of big signs.” Duration – since February Location – OU (OD > OS) Context – constant Wears glasses …

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