Countdown to Vision Expo East 2015!

VisionExpoEast_2014-39It is that time of the year again where optical vendors and exhibitors from all across the world meet in NYC to throw one of the most energetic and activity filled conferences that exists! Beginning March 19-22nd, located at the Javits Center in New York City, Vision Expo East is an event filled with endless excitement, free giveaways, educational opportunities and networking events – a one stop shop for anyone interested in the optical/optometry industry.

So you may be asking, why is it important for an optometry student to attend Vision Expo East??

The International Vision Expo & Conference SUPPORTS STUDENTS! At each of their conferences, they prepare a plethora of events for optometry students to attend in order to learn more about their field of study and how to better prepare for going out into the real world.

Some benefits of being an optometry student at VEE include:

  • Free exhibit hall registration! They understand the struggle as a student OD, so keep your credit cards at home because you won’t be needing them at the exhibitVisionExpoEast_2014-37 hall.
  • Free unlimited education courses! Ever wanted to sit in on a lecture about a trending topic in one of your optometry courses? Interested in Vision Therapy as a practice option? Students have access to look up course topics and attend lectures in your area of interest for free! When was the last time you were given the option to choose your own classes? Choose from a variety of clinical and optometric business related courses focusing on optometry in THIS generation.
  • Free lunches, networking events, and awesome parties to top it off! This year, VEE is allowing students to choose their own adventure through a course where other optometry students collaborate to venture through the exhibit hall to find products that will eventually benefit them in their future practice. It’s a fun way to learn about all the things VEE has to offer, while allowing you to benefit from interacting with other student ODs and industry moguls at the same time.
  • Free giveaways! Have you ever imagined the opportunity to win so many prizes at one location? Well VEE has got you covered! Exhibitors at VEE are constantly promoting their products by giving away free samples and prizes to those who visit them at their booth. This year there is even an opportunity to win a pair of 3D printed frames, and if you fill up your Student Passport by visiting special sponsor booths, you could win one of many $100 Visa Gift Card giveaways!
  • Runways, fashion, celebrities, oh my! VEE isn’t just a boring educational seminar, it’s a show full of fashion events and celebrity spotting. Many of your favorite celebrities support the optical industry because we all know how important it is to wear an amazing pair of specs at the Golden Globes. Many high fashion exhibitors hold runway shows and celebrity meeting events that you won’t want to miss out on – you never know who you will see roaming the exhibit hall!


As always the Team will be roaming around the Vision Expo East Exhibit Hall looking for our fellow student ODs, so be on the lookout for us and make sure to participate in our Plush Eyeball Give Away contest! These cute guys make a great study pillow and where else would you find an anatomically correct eyeball teddy?

For more information on the event make sure to check out the Vision Expo East website and register soon – it’s FREE for students! See you at the Expo!

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