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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let all of our readers know that things are really busy lately because it is midterm week and I have no time to write articles. Dale has been very consistent with his OAT articles which are turning out to be very potent and useful!

I wanted to give everyone a brief idea of the upcoming Pre-Optometry and Optometry articles that will be posted over the next few months.

If you guys comment about which one you want to see first then I will make sure to post that article ASAP. The choice is up to the viewers!

  1. Midterm Weeks in Optometry School – How Hard is it REALLY?
  2. How To Study For The OAT Exam For Free (and do great!)
  3. Making The Decision- Which Optometry School Do I Choose!?
  4. Optometry School Financial Decisions- How To Budget Your Money Using Online Tools
  5. A Full History Of Optometry
  6. Optometry School Clubs and Organizations
  7. Is Ophthalmoscopy Dead?
  8. The New Admission Process- A Step By Step Break Down
  9. How To Write The PERFECT Personal Statement
  10. Understanding Basic Optics – Thin Lenses
  11. Which Retinoscope To Buy?
  12. Retinoscopy Tricks To Help You OWN Your Assessment
  13. Will I Still Be Able To Make It To The Gym While Attending Optometry School?
  14. Will I gain 1 Diopter of Myopia While In Optometry School Because All I Do Is STUDY STUDY STUDY?

As you can see we have lots planned for you guys. The official list is endless, so please comment and let us know what you want to hear. My midterms are over on the 19th so expect a large flow of articles then!


Matt Geller
SUNY 2013

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