Staying Healthy In Optometry School

The only thing tougher than optometry school is being sick in optometry school. While classes, labs, and clinic hours are priority, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Here are 5 tips for staying healthy in school:

  1. Sleep: Losing sleep can take a serious toll on your immune system and your ability to learn. While sometimes skimping on sleep is inevitable – we are in grad school after all – make catching up on sleep a priority. Taking power naps can also help, just make sure to wake up in time for your next class!
  2. Vitamins: While the busy, and expensive, life of optometry school may have you resorting to ramen noodles and junk food, make sure that you are getting your nutrients. The best sources of vitamins are fruits and vegetables and it is a good habit to include one of each with every meal. If you still feel like you are lacking, consider a daily multivitamin, and remember which vitamins promote eye health!
  3. Bring a jacket: Whether you are dealing with sudden showers, cold weather, or an ultra-air-conditioned classroom, staying warm is always a good idea. While you aren’t guaranteed a cold if you don’t bundle up, it’s better to be safe and warm than sorry. Nutritious Foods
  4. Exercise: Between boosting your immune system to improving your mood and preventing diabetes and hypertension, exercise has plenty of benefits. You don’t have to dedicate an hour to the gym every day, but carving out fifteen minutes for a walk and a few basic calisthenics can go a long way towards keeping you healthy (and will keep you looking good in your white coat!).
  5. De-stress: Stress has a number of negative consequences and too much stress can make you sick. Tap into your favorite relaxing activities whether they are yoga, drawing, music, or reading to help yourself relax. You will relieve stress and give your brain a little break, which can actually help you study better in the long run.

While school is hard and it’s important to do your best, remember that your health has a greater long-term effect than a test grade!

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