ASCO Sponsored Video Contest “2012 ENVISION”

ASCO Sponsored Video Contest:  “2012 ENVISION”
Chance for optometry students to promote the profession and win CASH PRIZES!

(This article is a carbon copy of an ASCO e-mail message sent to Optometry Schools)

The purpose of the “2012 EnVision” Video Competition, sponsored by ASCO, is to have the optometry students, those who know the most about optometry and optometry school, come up with creative, off-the-wall, hysterical, non-traditional, and ultimately AWESOME informational videos that ASCO can use to promote the profession to prospective optometry students around the country.

No boring interviews with old docs in white coats here!  We want to tap into the creativity seen posted on YouTube by optometry’s contemporaries—optometry students!


 The most creative, the most inspired, quite simply, the best submission will be awarded a $5000 Grand Prize.  Prizes may also be given for second and third place.


Overview: Create a 3-5 minute video designed to teach people about optometry and to help undergraduate students envision themselves as optometrists.  Videos should be designed to educate watchers about the profession, including:  what optometrists do, how you become an optometrist, and why optometry is such a great profession.


Rules:  Videos must be no longer than 5 minutes in length.  Videos should include appropriate language, and be school-neutral as they will be used to advocate the profession as a whole.  Creativity, ingenuity and humor will be rewarded!  If videos include any non-original material, written permission must be obtained from the person or company who owns the material. 


Deadlines:  Individuals or groups must inform ASCO of their Intent to Participate.  Please email Paige Pence by visiting or 301-231-5944, x 3019 with your full name(s) and your institution by April 9, 2012.  After submitting your intent to participate, ASCO will send you instructions for your video submission.  Final videos must be submitted to the ASCO office by May 7, 2012.


Judging:  ASCO will select the judges, which will include representatives from multiple schools and colleges of optometry.  Videos will be judged on how effectively the video educated the audience about the profession and entertainment value, in the sole discretion of ASCO and the judges.  Winners will be announced on or about June 29, 2012.


Prize:  Bragging rights, of course.  But additionally, the winning submission will receive $5000, with the possibility of a second and third place prize available.  If the winning videos are submitted by a group, it is up to the group to determine how to divide up the cash prize.  Only one check will be issued.


Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry

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