9 Articles from our New Grad Low Vision Journalist

Here’s a fantastic collection of low vision articles full of insightful tips, clinical pearls and very useful info all-around from our Senior Low Vision Journalist and new grad Tyler Phan. Tyler (pictured bottom-right at AAO), a student from Western University College of Optometry, is now a Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation resident at SUNY. We’d like to thank Tyler for all his great work with us! Good luck at SUNY, and have fun in NYC!

If you haven’t already read his articles, definitely take a look at the list below:

American Academy of Optometry6 Myths and Facts About Low Vision Patients

5 Tips for an Effective Low Vision Exam

Systematic Approach to Low Vision Exams

Quick Facts and Management of Charles Bonnet Syndrome 

Super Pinhole: When Potential Acuity Meter Not Available

Updated Criteria for Legal Blindness in US

Just Noticeable Difference in Low Vision Refraction

Most Commonly Used Procedural & Diagnostic Codes + Morgan’s Normative Values

4 Most Common Retinal Hemes You’ll Find: Location and Etiology 


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