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As newly ripe 3rd years are getting into summer clinic, it is important to be as efficient as possible.

Here is a list of the most commonly used procedural and diagnostic codes & Morgan’s normative values. Jot these values down on an index card and have it handy so the next time you need to input codes or determine whether a patient has any binocular disorder, you can impress your preceptors.

92004- Exam, comp (new pt)
92014- Exam, comp (established pt)
92015- Refraction
92310- Soft CL fit/follow-up
92020- Gonioscopy

367.0- Hyperopia
367.1- Myopia
367.21- Regular astigmatism
367.4- Presbyopia
375.15- Dry eyes
366- Cataract
372.4- Pterygium
372.51- Pinguecula
373- Blepharitis
367.5- Accommodative disorder
259.9- Meibomian gland dysfunction
378.83- Convergence insufficiency
378.84- Convergence excess
2021F- Dilated fundus exam

Morgan’s Normative Values
Distance lateral phoria: 1 XP +/-2
Near lateral phoria: 3 XP +/-3
Distance positive fusional vergence (BO): 9/20/10
Distance negative fusional vergence (BI): X/7/4
Near positive relative convergence (BO): 17/21/11
Near negative relative convergence (BI): 13/21/13
Accommodative amplitude (average): 18 -1/3(age)
FCC: +0.50



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