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Dr. Carl Garbus graduated from the Southern California College of Optometry in 1980. He opened two private practices in Valencia, Family Vision Care Optometry and Neuro Vision Rehabilitation Institute. Currently the practices emphasize care for children and adults with vision deficits from traumatic brain injury, stroke and developmental and learning problems. Dr. Garbus has hospital privileges and consults at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara and Henry Mayo Hospital in Santa Clarita. In addition, Dr. Garbus works with the following rehabilitation centers; Centre For Neuro Skills, Solutions At Santa Barbara and the Brain Injury Specialists. He has made various presentations and in-services to optometric societies, occupational therapy groups, and PTA groups regarding vision problems. Another area of interest is working with children who have learning problems. Autism is on the rise and these children have many vision issues that need to be addressed. Family Vision Care has a new office that is equipped to help children who have autism. Dr. Garbus was president of the Los Angeles County Optometric Society in 1993 and is currently serves as vice president on the board for the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA). He will be president of the organization in 2010.

Examination of the Traumatic Brain Injury Patient

Today’s article is written by Dr. Carl Garbus who is president of NORA. Antonio Chirumbolo, an Team Member, met Dr. Garbus during an function and they are now working together to crank out some great information for optometry students. Keep a lookout for more insightful articles from Dr. Garbus in the near future!

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What is Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation?

What is Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation? Look to NORA to Find Out By: Carl Garbus, O.D., FAAO The Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association INTL (NORA) was established 20 years ago as an organization to bring together practitioners of all fields that help in the rehabilitation of the patient with traumatic brain injury, stroke or neurological deficits. NORA

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