Words of Wisdom From Our Graduating Writers

We are so grateful to our two writers who are recent graduates of the class of 2017 for all of their hard work and dedication. We wanted to take a moment to thank them and share their words of wisdom and advice for current optometry students:

Sloan Rajadhyksha (Berkeley)sloan

Sloan is the outgoing Director of Clinical Content, with an emphasis in binocular vision/vision therapy. You may also know her through her involvement in SOLutioN and Optometry Student Network. After graduation, she will be moving to the Big Apple to pursue a residency in Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy at SUNY. Here are our favorite articles written by Sloan:

Sloan’s advice for current students is: Optometry school was the best four years of my life. I think the reason why is because I met some incredible people along the way. My biggest advice to students is to get involved, whether it’s organized optometry, journalism, private practice club. Find a way to connect with students across the country and feed off of each other’s energy! Travel to conferences and network with doctors and students, step out of your comfort zone and make a contribution to the profession from the get go, and don’t fear change but rather embrace it and learn how to become indispensable so that change doesn’t negatively impact your future.nick

Nicholas Green (Ohio State)

Nick is our Senior Journalist, and has been on the OS team since his first year of optometry school. After graduation, he will be completing a residency in Family Practice/Ocular Disease at Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry (NSUOCO). Check out our favorite articles written by Nick:

Nick’s advice to current students is: I could not have imagined the last four years of my life if I wasn’t in optometry school. It has given many great opportunities to meet new people and see parts of the United States I did not ever imagine. My advice to current students is to stay involved in something while in school. Not only did it give me something to look forward to during long hours of studying, I got to make some awesome friends in the process. I would also advise everyone to get involved in political advocacy. What most impacts the way our profession is today is the laws that govern our scope of practice, health insurance, etc. Our profession will only be as strong as our future optometrists are. One final, more personal piece of advice is to travel as much as possible. Seeing different and very beautiful parts of the United States has given me incredible perspective on people within our country. It will expand your worldview and which can help you with your patients in the future.

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