We Are Still Here

I wanted to take a moment to extend an apology to all of the OptometryStudents.com readers and fans, an apology due to the lack of new articles and innovation on the website over the last 3 months.

Looking at the post history for the last 2 months I see 1 article for April and 1 for May. That is unacceptable on my part, and I wanted to say sorry for this.

Yet there are good reasons for this hiatus, ones that you will greatly appreciate over the next few months and the summer.

The main reason that there has not been a streaming flow of new articles is because optometry school (at SUNY Optometry College) has been extremely busy. It was only recently that I completed my final assessment; a primary eye care examination including patient histories, refractions, binocular testing, slit lamp and much more. The amount of practice time needed is quite a lot, I think I averaged close to 30 hours practicing over 3 weeks just for this one assessment all the while studying for finals.

What followed was 6 final exams, 3 of them cumulative, all being administered May 10th– 19th.

Yet OptometryStudents.com is extremely important to me, just as important as school, so don’t think that I have been just sitting around and studying all day!

Instead of cranking out tons of articles I have been working on a few MEGA articles, important ones that will really strike a deep cord for any optometry student out there. In addition I have been planning and creating great things for OptometryStudents.com, “mega” things that will take the website to a new level of interaction and knowledge.

So it is important you check back from time to time to look for new articles and to see if those “mega” changes took place. Or you could just sign up for our newsletter (on the right side of your screen) and we will keep you posted via. E-mail.

I want to congratulate all of the pre-optometry students who will be 2014 optometry students. Get ready for an interesting but difficult ride! OptometryStudents.com gives you a high five for your great accomplishment!

Just remember, we have not gone anywhere, but we are working behind the scenes to improve the website and make it WAY more powerful and valuable. Get ready for some great things to drop around summer time!

All the best,
Matthew Geller
President and Creator

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