Video Interview with Successful California OD, Dr. Albert Chun

dr albert chun optometrist

I was lucky.

It was the winter of 2013 and my second-to-last optometry externship at SUNY. I took a flight to Los Angeles, unpacked at my beach side apartment, and headed over to Dr. Albert Chun’s office – SouthBay Optometry of Torrance. The rest was history.

You can consider me a pretty “smart” guy when it comes to optometry, but looking back now, Dr. Chun taught me about 70% of what I do in the exam room today. Yup, in 3 months with Albert Chun, I learned 70% of what I do today. Optometry school taught me the other 30%.

Staggering statistics right there but I will stand by them!

Dr. Chun is just an amazing guy, to his friends, family and to his patients. He has arguably one of the top 3 vision therapy practices in California, and he knows more about “prescribing” than anyone I have ever met.

The 3 things Dr. Chun taught me that I will never forget:

1. How to REALLY refract a patient – this goes beyond the phoropter and into “free-space.”

2. How to REALLY prescribe contact lenses.

3. How to CREATE and become SUCCESSFUL with vision therapy in a private practice.

*When I say “REALLY,” I mean it in a way that denotes “how to do things in the real world” and not the “optometry school world.” Does that make sense?

I had such a positive experience that I had to capture it and share it. I interviewed Dr. Chun in early February 2013 for all of the followers. There is SO much you can learn from Dr. Chun, so pay attention!

As a new grad 6 months out of optometry school, I can testify that this video is worth your time, trust me!

Dr. Chun would be glad to answer any questions you have, just post them in the comments below!

Here is the interview!

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