NBEO Part III Summary & Guide (with all form download links)

NBEO Part III – Clinical Skills Evaluation Summary

Administration: Strictly performance and students will not answer any questions. Student candidates will examine a different patient at each of four 30-minute stations, in the performance of 20 clinical skills including injection skills. The exam is administered in one 3.75 hour session.  Although this examination primarily measures psychomotor skills, it contains an assessment of affective (i.e., clinical habits and attitudes) and communication skills, as well as some interpretation of clinical findings. Exams will be primarily videotaped, without the examiner in the room (including videotaped BIO/SL camera feeds). This way multiple remote examiners can have a say in your performance by reviewing the tape, not just one. Click here for an orientation video to the NBEO Part III.


Grading: Each evaluation item is worth 1-10 points based on how critical the procedure is. These items are graded on an absolute basis, so it’s either full credit or no credit is given.


When: Student candidates are permitted to take Part III just before they graduate from an ACOE-accredited institution.


National Center of Clinical Testing in Optometry
200 South College Street, Suite 2020
Charlotte, NC 28202
800-969-EXAM, ext. 2
704-332-9565, ext. 2

Click here for a form on how to access the building + directions


Where To Stay:
Here is a list of hotels nearby


Cost: $625


When To Register:
Students should always sign up early for their various board exam parts.  Early registration avoids the extra late registration fee.  Also, late registration can put a student up against a full-to-capacity test site, which means students are placed in test sites other than those they’d prefer to use.  This can result in extra travel expenses for these students who fail to register in a timely manner.

Click here for registration deadlines!



Station 1:
(click here to see the evaluation form Station 1)

1. Case History / Patient Communication
2. Patient Education
3. Near Cover Test
4. Binocular Extraocular Muscle Motility Evaluation
5. Static Confrontation Visual Fields
6. Pupil Testing
7. Blood Pressure Measurement
8. Ophthalmic Lens Evaluation

Station 2:
(click here to see the evaluation form Station 2)

9. Biomicroscopy
10. Goldmann Applanation Tonometry
11. 3-Mirror Gonioscopy
12. Collagen Implant Insertion and Removal
13. Soft and GP Contact Lens Insertion, Evaluation, and Removal

Station 3:
(click here to see the evaluation form Station 3)

14. Retinoscopy
15. Distance Subjective Refraction
16. Heterophoria and Vergence Testing at Distance
17. Accommodation Testing

Station 4:
(click here to see the evaluation form Station 4)

18. Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
19. Dilated Biomicroscopy and Non-Contact Fundus Lens Evaluation
20. Injections Skill Examination*

Injection Skills Exam:

As of August 1, 2012 the injection skill will be calculated into the overall Part III CSE score and will be reflected in CSE pass/fail decisions.

(Click here to see the evaluation form for ISE)


Forms To Download and Print

  1. NBEO Part III Main Form
  2. Opthalmic Lens Evaluation Form
  3. Patient Data Form
  4. Clinical Equipment Form and room layout
  5. Click here for a form on how to access the building + directions
  6. A list of NBEO recommended hotels
  7. Transportation in downtown Charlotte 
  8. Station 1 Form
  9. Station 2 Form
  10. Station 3 Form
  11. Station 4 Form
  12. Injection Skills Form


This information was taken directly form the official NBEO website www.optometry.org – it is in no way modified or altered, only summarized for your connivence.
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