Interview with AOA Immediate Past President Dr. Dori Carlson

I remember when I first met Dori at the 2011 Congressional Meeting in Washington D.C. We were at a cocktail affair, I was in a black suit with a vodka cranberry and virtually everyone had a drink in hand. It was a cocktail event in which students and ODs had a chance to meet and speak with some members of congress and their close staff. Dori and I hung out for a few hours and we talked a lot about the profession of optometry, where it came from and where we thinkit’s going . She told me about her philosophies for her upcoming presidency and I told her about my goals for From that point in April 2011 until recently in July 2012 I was fortunate enough to meet again with Dori on about 10 different occasions. We got to know each other well during the last year and I must say, she is truly an extraordinary person and an asset to optometry. She is full of great ideas and has the passion to make them happen, plus she always has a smile on her face.

It was a pleasure to work with Dori on two video interviews and several other smaller projects for OS but most of all it has been a pleasure to be her friend and to absorb some of her creativity and passion.

The video below was filmed in a New York City hotel lounge after a SUNY commencement speech that Dr. Carlson delivered. In this video I wanted to capture the essence of “The Dori 20/20 Tour” which was a tour to all the schools and colleges of optometry by Dr. Carlson. Her goal was to spread the message of unifying our small profession of optometry.

What do you think of her message? Check out the video below, or click here to watch in 1080p High Definition.



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