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By: Kensington Hatcher – Illinois College of Optometry

Today’s article is brought to you by the 1st year students of Illinois College of Optometry! These students reached out to to post an extremely creative video series that is unlike anything ever seen before in the world of Optometry.

These videos are perfect for any student applying to Optometry school because it really gives you an inside view as to what Opt School is really like. I personally watched the video series and found it strikingly similar to my experience at SUNY Optometry.

I highly recommend any student to follow this video series and send the link to your friends. This is just a wonderful resource and I give a big thanks to Hannah and Damaris for taking the time to make such a valuable resource. – Matthew Geller Founder and Senior Editor

Click Here For The Full YouTube Video Series

The Illinois College of Optometry released a new Web series called “A Day in the LIfe,” a unique and compelling documentary-style production that takes viewers inside the life of two first-year ICO students. Think MTV’s ‘Real World’ meets optometry school.

The 12 episodes, released one by one and all housed on ICO’s website (Click here), feature Hannah Hays and Damaris Benitez as they navigate their first few weeks at ICO — from move-in day and orientation to the first round of exams. The series provides valuable insight for prospective and incoming students, answering  “What’s it like at ICO?” in a very honest way.

It’s also fun for current students to watch and remember just how nerve- wracking that first anatomy test really was. And oh yeah, there’s some drama. Tune in and get hooked.

Click Here For The Full YouTube Video Series

Here Is The First Video of the Series!

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