iPad 2 Giveaway at Optometry's Meeting 2011

It is with great pleasure that the OptometryStudents.com team is excited to announce an iPad2 giveaway!

Optometrystudents.com will have an official presence and booth on the exhibit floor at this year’s Optometry’s Meeting in Salt Lake City, and what better way to celebrate than to give one determined student a new iPad 2! In this article, you can discover how the prize can be yours by reading the outlined rules and regulations, as well as watching the short video describing a little bit of background regarding the giveaway.

What to win: A brand new 16gb iPad 2.

How to win: Submit a short video between 1-5 minutes, presenting an interesting or unique case that you have experienced in clinic at your optometry school either as an intern or observer. Be sure to address some important details such as how the patient presented, clinical procedures performed, obstacles that were overcome, any documentation (if possible – fundus photos, HRT, GDX, OCT etc.), and finally the outcome of the case including any clinical pearls of wisdom garnered from the experience. Helpful Tip – When presenting, do so as if you where presenting the case to your supervising doctor.

How to submit your video: Go to the Optometrystudents.com official Facebook Page Here, and upload your video directly to the page. You can upload a video file captured from any digital recording device, or you can even record a video straight from the page using your webcam!

Choosing the winner: The creator of the video that generates the most “likes” and or “comments” will be chosen the winner. We will add the total likes and unique comments together – whoever has the greatest total number is the winner.

Criteria: Contestants must be currently enrolled Optometry Students and must attend Optometry’s Meeting to claim their prize. There are no creative restrictions to the video although we ask that you keep the video under five minutes. Feel free to include any additional content or resources that you feel would improve your chances of winning. In order to win the iPad 2, contestants MUST be in attendance at Optometry’s Meeting in Salt Lake, to not only claim his/her prize but to present the case and meet the creators and team members of Optometrystudents.com. If you do not claim your prize at the meeting, the next candidate with the most like + comments will be chosen.

When: Videos can be submitted starting today until Sunday, June 12th @ 11:59pmth. At this time, comments and likes will be tallied and the winner decided will be decided! The winner will be chosen and given their prize at Optometry’s Meeting from June 14th – June 19th.

Where: Claim your prize at the OptometryStudents.com booth in the main exhibit hall at Optometry’s Meeting.

Note: All submission must obey the HIPAA guidelines of patient privacy, the same guidelines you learned upon entry to your schools clinic. This mean no patient names, birth dates, residential/work information and other personal information. Please review the HIPAA guidelines at their website here – HIPAA site and CDC HIPPA Overview. **By entering the contest, entrants grant to OptometryStudents.com, a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive license to display, distribute, reproduce and create derivative works of the entries, in whole or in part, in any media now existing or subsequently developed, for any educational, promotional, publicity, exhibition, archival, scholarly and all other standard OptometryStudents.com purposes.**

Do not miss out on this opportunity to share your clinical experiences, something you probably do every day, and possibly win a new iPad 2. Do not hesitate! We look forward to hearing about your clinical encounters!

Good luck!

Get started at the Facebook Page and upload your video!

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