Dr. Veliky Audio Interview – Organized Optometry & Residencies

Today is the first ever audio interview on OptometryStudents.com! With many more audio and video interviews planned we are very excited to kick off this new feature.

The interview is with Dr. Mike Veliky, Secretary & Treasurer and Center Director of the Rochelle Park Office of OMNI Eye Services in New Jersey. Prior to working with the NJSOP and OMNI, Dr. Veliky completed his optometry education from the New England College of Optometry and also completed a residency at Omni Eye Services. Mike now works at OMNI as an O.D. and also as the Center Director of the Rochelle Park office.

About the interview…

The focus of the interview was centered on residencies and organized optometry, two very important subjects for today’s optometry students. We focused the interview on topics such as…

–       Dr. Velikys #1 tip for becoming a successful optometrist

–       What does it take to earn a spot in a residency?

–       How important is it to do a residency?

–       What are some of the pros and cons to doing a residency?

–       What does a residency at OMNI entail?

–       What does organized optometry mean for students?

–       Why does the future of our profession rest in the hands of the students?

–       Where would we be without organized optometry?

–       How can a student make a difference and get involved?

Full Length Version of Interview

Short Summary Version of Interview

Keep in mind Dr. Veliky will be glad to respond to your comments and questions, so write them in the comment box below. Also if the optometry students show interest we will get Dr. Veliky on for another interview to discuss a topic that you choose!

What is OMNI?

OMNI’s doctors do not provide routine eye examinations, eyeglass prescriptions, contact lenses, low-vision or visual training. In most instances, patients come to OMNI from their family eye doctor or primary care physician to diagnose or treat eye disease. The patients optometric physician will provide most of the patients eye care and eye health care needs, including the treatment of most eye diseases, but when complex or sight-threatening conditions occur, however, patients will want to be seen by the specialists who have the most experience and will offer you the best chance to preserve your vision.

You can do an ocular disease externship or residency at Omni…

The programs stress advanced diagnostic and management skills in all areas of ocular disease. Heavy emphasis is placed on the diagnosis and management of ocular disease. The patient population is referred primarily by local optometrists for secondary and tertiary care. The resident works closely with the optometric and medical staff, as well as optometric externs.


Helpful Links:

OMNI – http://www.omnieyeservices.com/

State Organizations (contact them to get involved) – http://www.healthguideusa.org/state_optometric_associations.htm

NJSOP www.njsop.org

NJSOP Student Blog TheYoungOD.blogspot.com

I hope everyone enjoyed the interview. Please leave comments for Dr. Veliky.

-Matt Geller

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