Vision Expo East & West – See you there!

Have you ever been to the Vision Expo? Well if you have not you really should think twice about going this year.

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Vision Expo East – March 16 – 20, 2011, in New York City, NY.
Vision Expo West – September 20 – 24, 2011, in Las Vegas, NV.

Student Links:
Vision Expo East for students
Vision Expo West for students

I have gone to Vision Expo East for the last 2 years in a row and it is really an event to remember. Just picture a massive glass building that is a whopping 675,000 square feet in size, JAM packed with EVERYTHING optometry.

I think the best thing about vision expo for optometry students is your ability to make connections and really network yourself. If you are proactive about it, you may just meet someone that can make you a VERY successful future OD.

Industry leaders and vendors from all over the USA come and set up fancy exhibits with TONS of free giveaways and interactive displays.

The 5 categories of optometry that the Vision Expo focuses on are…

–       Fashion trends

–       Lens technology

–       Medical eyecare

–       Business / Practice Solutions

–       Continuing Education

Pack your business cards and wear something nice because you undoubtedly meet some true industry leaders but also some of the best clinicians and OD’s in the area. (I know that all the SUNY doc’s go!)

(they were training seeing eye dogs last year! what a cutie)

(Cool picture of the inside of one of the exhibit halls last year, awesome white carpet!)

(Cool picture of some retinal cameras and advanced equipment)


–       Free Registration ($75 value)

–       Free Continuing Education (What Choices Are There After Graduation and How Do I Get There?)

–       Free Lunch

–       Free Parties

–       Free handouts from industry vendors

–       Enter to win a free iPad!

STUDENT GRAND AND SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (copy and pasted from the vision expo east website)

International Vision Expo & Conference is offering third- and fourth-year Optometry students within 22 AOSA schools of Optometry the opportunity to win a $1,000 grant to attend either International Vision Expo East 2011 in New York City or International Vision Expo West 2011 in Las Vegas. There will be one $1,000 winner from each school in 2011.

Winning applicants will participate in a Student focus group for the Vision Expo shows. This focus group will assist Vision Expo show management in understanding the needs of Optometry student attendees at the Vision Expo shows and provide suggestions on special events and programs for these students and Young OD’s. At the time a student submits an essay they must indicate if they plan to attend either International Vision Expo East 2011 in New York City or International Vision Expo West 2011 in Las Vegas. Vision Expo will host a student focus group at each of these shows and the student will be required to attend a focus group at the show of their choice.
To be considered, students must submit a 500 word essay to Danielle Fralen at the vision expo website by Sunday, February 13th, 2011; winners will be announced on Tuesday, February 15th. There will be one $1,000 winner from each school in 2011.
The 500 word essay should describe the student’s awareness of tradeshows for eyecare professionals and the importance of these shows for their career. The second dimension of the essay should address how the student’s attendance at Vision Expo will benefit their future career. The student should also note which show they would prefer to attend (International Vision Expo East or International Vision Expo West) in this section.


  1. Essays should be formatted with “normal” margin widths and typed in Times New Roman 12pt font and double spaced.
  2. The following contact information is required and should be placed in the top right hand corner of the essay. This includes: First and last name; College/University, Year; Mailing address; Phone number; Email address.
  3. Essays not properly formatted and/or missing the required contact information will not be considered.
  4. Students participating in this program understand that they are required to participate within the Student focus group scheduled during International Vision Expo. The Vision Expo East Student focus group is planned for Saturday, March 19th at 3:00pm. If the participant does not attend this session, the grant will be revoked.
  5. Monies will be awarded to students at the conclusion of the Student focus group meeting onsite during International Vision Expo East and West, respectively.
  6. Vision Expo will verify your student credentials prior to awarding the grant.


In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, Vision Expo will giveaway two nights FREE in 25 of the 50 rooms to 25 third and fourth year AOSA students.

In order to participate, students must enter their contact information; current year and college into an online RSVP form and include what they love most about New York City. Submissions must be made by Sunday, February 13th, 2011; winners will be announced on Tuesday, February 15th. Hotel reservations must be completed by Tuesday, March 1st, 2011. Students will receive a $500 card to use as payment for their hotel room. Students can pick up their $500 card at Vision Expo.
Please note: This offer is not available to SUNY students.

For more information on this hotel, and directions on how to book your room, please email Danielle Fralen at the vision expo website.


I hope more optometry students come this year, typically lots of us show up but I think that Vision Expo is a resource that is often underutilized. It is really fun and just think, you may meet an OD or company that can change the course of your future as an Optometrist.

See you at Vision Expo!!!

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