Documentary & Interview with a Private Practicing Optometrist

Have you ever thought of going into private practice, got all excited about it, and then five minutes later just felt upset, drowned by your own questions and worries?

Lots of us optometry students want to pursue private practice but often we just spin our wheels when it comes to formulating some sort of logical plan of HOW we will go about entering the world of private practice. It seems almost easier to pursue a residency or just sign your name on the dotted line with a corporate practice.

After speaking with many students, I found that by answering some of their burning questions about private practice, their confidence about pursuing this modality went through the roof.

After this realization, the team decided it was time for an interview with a successful private practicing O.D., someone willing to answer those questions that often leave students perplexed about private practice.

Enjoy this interview with Dr. Alan B. Schlussel O.D., not only a great O.D. but a good friend and supporter of
For more information check out his website here-
Also, please post questions in the comments, Dr. Schlussel will be able to answer them.

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