Medicare Reimbursement Cuts Threaten ODs; AOA Fully Engaged On Issue

August 30th 2011 – The AOA is back at it again, this time engaged with politicians on capitol hill to prevent a 30% cut Medicare reimbursements that could seriously hurt OD’s and other physicians. It is VERY important that Optometry Students at every optometry school understand what this will mean for our profession. It is important to stay active as an optometry student so we can make sure our profession grows and so that problems like this are averted!

Veiw the quote below from the AOA website –

“The AOA and other physician groups are now making preparations for what some experts in the nation’s capital are calling a potential Medicare payment “perfect storm” looming on the horizon.

In the coming months, Congress and the Obama administration will be forced to make important decisions on three separate plans that call for drastic changes to Medicare spending, which could mean massive cuts in payments to ODs and other physicians.

While the AOA has already been working to avert a nearly 30 percent cut set to take effect in 2012, the recently approved debt ceiling deal and the health law’s Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) also pose serious threats to Medicare physician reimbursement in the near future.

Knowing what is at stake for patients and providers, the AOA continues to work closely with key champions on Capitol Hill to highlight the important role that optometrists play in protecting the health of America’s seniors and also in stretching federal health care dollars by preventing more costly interventions down the road.”


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