Do It For The Money…Wait, What?

When considering optometry as a possible career choice, many prospective OD’s find that it definitely isn’t the most lucrative of all the medical careers. So why do so many 4th year optometry students forget that and take the job offer that promises them the most money? Well, let me tell you, STUDENT LOANS!!!! As the Class of 2014 prepares to graduate (less than 60 days!!), let me repeat some great advice I got from Dr. Chad Fleming

“If you know what your long-term goals are then the dollar amount that you are initially offered
should be a minor concern.  Yes, you do need to pay those student loans back, but looking for the potential in a job opportunity is more important than $10,000 more a year in salary.  If a practice is successful and has a strong record of historical growth, then taking less to begin with may result in huge long-term gains.”

Also, a recent experience helped to change my perspective on finding a job. A friend of mine contacted me and let me know that she was applying to optometry school and asked for some help with her application. I had the great opportunity to go over her personal statement and give her some advice about what I did and how I thought it helped me. After talking with her, I thought that I should read my own personal statement from when I was applying to school. Reading through my personal statement helped me to remember that, while money is important when looking for a job, it is more important to do what you love.

So Class of 2014, here is your To Do List before you say yes to that sweet job offer:

  • Read Your Personal Statement: This will help you remember why you got into optometry and not just for the money.

  • Read Dr. Chad Fleming’s Article called “4 Steps to an Associateship.” This will help you be prepared to find a career and not just a job.

  • Read Sylvester Nguyen’s article, “Think You’ll Be a Good Optometrist? 5 Things to Consider.”

  • Read Chapter 2 from the book, “How Will You Measure Your Life” by Clayton M. Christensen.

Good luck to the Class of 2014 as you get ready for graduation and prepare for the next exciting step in your careers! Any advice from 4th years, new grads or experienced OD’s, please share in the comments below!





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