Time for an Optometry Study Break 8/26/13

We all know how much work optometry school can be, so the OS Core Leadership Team decided to kick off the new school year by bringing you something a little different. So, take a break from the books and check out some of the fun things the Core Leadership Team wants to share with you to help take your mind off of school and studying because you certainly deserve it!




“I accidentally asked my patient this today, it just came out and I then I realized how silly it was!” http://i.imgur.com/dwxcQ.jpg








“It’s Friday, and I’d rather post funny comics about Optometry than study for BV.” http://pbfcomics.com/246







“For those who are band geeks. Like myself.”







“This is one of my favorite videos optometry joke videos.” http://bit.ly/i8zEmS








“If I wasn’t in optometry, I would go back to school for industrial design just so I could do something like this.” http://bit.ly/19Qdczh






Look out for more STUDY BREAK every FRIDAY!

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