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Contact Lenses to Monitor Health?

January 13th 2012- Contact lenses, a Class II medical device, are already used by millions of Americans to see. However, exciting news from the University of Washington shows that maybe, in the relatively near future, they may be able to monitor health. “Smart Lenses,” a new generation of lenses, are specially designed with wireless technology, circuitry, …

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Lens Tech: Photochromic Lenses

From glassware to Cr-39 plastic to the lightest in polycarbonate and high index, ophthalmic lens technologies have advanced in a number of ways to provide more comfort. After visiting your optometrist for your yearly eye exam, finding the right pair of glasses means considering many choices. The prescription from the doctor, the type of frame, …

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1-800Contacts Launches New Website –

1-800 Contacts recently launched a new website,, for existing and new customers to purchase prescription eyeglasses online. In addition to purchasing contact lenses online, customers will now have the opportunity to choose various styles and selections of single vision glasses, including 11 women’s frame brands and eight men’s frame brands. The company expects to …

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Optometry Students with OD

Is Residency Worth It?

Are you ready to practice full-scope optometry after graduation? Or do you believe you may need a bridge between being a student optometrist and a practicing optometrist? Or have you noticed you wanted to work with students? Well, these are common questions many of us have when considering residency. Optometric residency programs are an optional …

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Highlighting the First Midwestern Regional Conference (MRC)

The first-ever Midwestern Regional Conference was held in September of 2023. This conference was modeled off the current Western Regional conference that occurs on the West Coast. This new conference welcomed schools from all over the Midwestern region. The first night was a networking event that was graciously sponsored by MyEyeDr. MRC had a wonderful …

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When the Student Becomes the Doctor: Maintaining Knowledge and Skill After Graduation 

As a new graduate, keeping up with the ever-changing world of optometry can be a daunting experience. After years of seemingly non-stop lectures in school, I personally was tempted by the idea of coasting by with online continuing education that required minimal effort. It quickly became clear to me, however, just how fast things change …

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