Maine Scope of Practice

Maine: The Way Life Should Be

The state of Maine, situated in the most northeastern part of the United States, is known for its rocky coastline, heavily-forested interior, & fresh seafood. With an area of 33,215 square miles, Maine is roughly the size of all other five New England states combined! As Maine locals, our family can attest that the people, scenery, and culture of this great state help reinforce the slogan “The Way Life Should Be”.

The vast culture of Maine changes as you explore the different regions of the state. Northern Maine is rich in both Acadian and Scandinavian culture. In fact at one point, 14% of people in Maine spoke French as their first language.

Northern Maine is full of small towns, renowned potato farms, and endless outdoor trails for those who enjoy snowmobile and ATV exploring. Additionally, The Northern Lights are also visible in this part of the state.

The rocky coast of Maine is dotted with fishing towns and some of the freshest and most delicious seafood you’ll ever experience. The coast is also home to lighthouses and pristine sandy beaches for you and your family to enjoy.

Inland Maine is heavily-forested and home to native animals such as moose, black bear, lynx, and deer. This area of Maine has beautiful foliage and plenty of mountains for skiing in the winter.

Southern Maine is home to the state’s most-populated city, Portland, and has one of the hottest restaurant scenes in the country. The historic city brims with nightlife, art, and local shopping for all to enjoy. Regardless of where you find yourself in the state, there is plenty of adventure, beauty, and activities to experience.

The people of Maine are what truly make this state so amazing. Not only are the local Mainers extremely hard-working, but they also are warm and welcoming. To many tourists, the sense of community and camaraderie is undeniable.

For future optometrists looking to practice in Maine, the Maine Optometric Association is an active chapter that promotes optometry as the primary eye care profession. The MOA advances the quality and availability of optometric health care for the citizens and visitors of Maine. The MOA enhances the independent and ethical decision making of its member doctors and assists members to practice in accordance with the highest standards of patient care.

In Maine Optometrists CAN:

  • Prescribe oral medications such as antibiotics, steroids, antifungals, and schedule III, IV, and V controlled substances.
  • Diagnose and treat glaucoma independently with topical and oral medications
  • Co-manage post-operative care.
  • Perform procedures such as foreign body removal, dilation and irrigation, punctal occlusion, and amniotic membrane therapy
  • Dispense spectacles and contact lenses.
  • Provide and aid in care of ocular prosthetics
  • Order laboratory tests required for the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of a disease or condition related to the human eye
  • Prescribe or administer orthoptic therapy (vision therapy)

Maine Optometrists CANNOT:

  • Administer medications by injection with the exception of epinephrine for anaphylaxis.
  • Perform minor surgical procedures to the eye and adnexa.
  • Perform anterior segment laser procedures including YAG capsulotomy, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) and Laser Peripheral Iridotomy (LPI).

Consider joining us as eyecare providers in this wonderful state. Opportunities for career growth and fulfillment are available in private practice and specialty optometry throughout the area. As an optometrist in Maine, you are sure to have a rewarding life both inside and outside of the office.

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