We are Throwing a Crazy Party at Vision Expo East

Hey everyone, what’s up? I haven’t wrote an article in forever and boy do I miss it. OptometryStudents.com has really taken off over the last few months and we are busy with so many different projects that I have no time to write.

Well I had to let you all know about one, super important event going down March 16th 2013 from 8:00 – 10:00pm at Bowlmor Lanes on  222 West 44th Street in New York City.

Basically, OptometryStudents.com is renting out a portion of this venue for all the optometry students to come and hang out. There should be about 200 students at the event in total, but maybe even more. Here are some of the highlights for the night.

  • 3 free drink tickets per person
  • Yummy food and snacks to be served
  • Crazy, awesome, insane dance floor action
  • Luxottica will be selling sunglasses for dirt cheap
  • OptometryStudents.com will be filming a documentary so you can get your face in there and make history with us
  • Free raffle giveaways (probably Apple products)
  • After this we will head out as a group and going to party the night away

Well, I guess that wasn’t much of an article. More of a 1:00am, red-eyed blurb so that you can come hang with the OS team and other students. No seriously, you should really come, it’s going to be an epic night.

I promise I will try to write more soon. I should really do an article summarizing my 4 years of optometry school.

Okay, see you at the party!


Oh and by the way, check out this SOCIAL MEDIA contest we are having.

Party Poster Small

Join @OptStudents at our Vision Expo Tweetup #OSVisionExpo for a chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire HD!

  1. Tag us in your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram updates and use hashtag #OSVisionExpo.
  2. A random Instagram photo, Facebook status or Twitter tweet will be picked to win the Amazon Kindle Fire HD on Sunday, March 17! Even if you are not around we will ship it to you!

Facebook: tag Optometrystudents.com

Twitter: tag @OptStudents or #OSVisionExpo

Instragram: tag @OptometryStudents  or #OSVisionExpo

The instagram and twitter feed will be live on www.optometrystudents.com/social-media-feed/


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