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JUNE 20th 2012- was created in 2009 by SUNY optometry student, Matthew Geller. Three years later we are excited to announce that we have completely re-designed this valuable website. In the previous version it was very difficult for other students to get involved with the website, to post their own articles and content. With the new version of OS this all changes. Now any student can log on, create a profile, and immediately start posting content to the website.

The goal of the website is to give students the power to bring optometry in a positive direction. Students create the future of optometry and now students have a home to voice their opinions. The new OS allows students to truly stand out, to be in the lime light. Many students have talents that go overlooked and that is just a shame. Now with the new OS students can write, post and publish their optometry passions. Whether they are passionate about a certain clinic subject or just want to post their opinion on an event or share a clinical case they can!

The new OS is based on a user-centric system; that means everything is focused on the individual student. Every article written shows off the publishing students profile and talents. Now if you log on to read an article you will know immediately who wrote it and where they stand in the profession of optometry.

Leader boards are a big feature of the new site. We rank content, schools and writers using our “recommend” button. This allows us to see which schools are writing the most articles, which articles are most popular and which students are publishing the most articles.

Lastly, we want students to understand that posting on OS is a great way to get recognized in our small profession and to make connections with practicing ODs and other optometry students! Students should really get involved in their profession and build their professional skills. Being involved is an amazing way to achieve this. Anyone can join the team. We will hold monthly conference calls and webinars that will allow students to stay involved with the development of the website and to really have an impact on our profession.


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