UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry: When you’re here, you’re family!

What does it mean to be an Incarnate Word student?  Let me tell you about what makes this school great…being a student here feels different from any other school I’ve attended and I’m enjoying every minute of it! Being selected by UIW doesn’t mean you just come to school here, it means you were chosen to be part of the family.

From day one, students learn that being an optometrist is not just our future job, but our future lifestyle. Our Dean, Dr. Andrew Buzzelli, speaks to every class during orientation to introduce us to our new lifestyle and get us all excited about our career choice. He assures us that although the next four years will be fraught with demanding academics, long nights of studying, and challenges in learning to interact with patients, it will all be worth it. Dr. Buzzelli and the rest of the faculty and staff at RSO are committed to our success here. They work hard to ensure that each student receives a quality education and becomes successful doctors when we graduate.


Attending UIW is a great experience and very different from any other school. UIW is the only optometry school at a faith-based university. This is great because it emphasizes the student’s growth as a whole person, both personally and professionally so that we are sure to be well-rounded individuals. RSO encourages you to be active in your beliefs no matter what your faith. On campus we have an Inter-Faith room, which is a quiet room designated as “no-homework” zone where students can go and reflect. Having this designated area gives us a quiet safe haven to just get away from the rigors of studying, even if for just a few minutes, allowing us to be more focused when we return.

Here at UIW, students are very mission driven.  Instead of thinking of this place as just a school where we do our learning, we try to integrate the principles and values of the University into our everyday lives. Personal and professional growth is achieved here as we focus our studies on patient care and academic excellence in a context of faith, human dignity, and social justice. More than anything, we are taught that every patient we see is not just a pair of eyes walking around.  It’s easy to forget about the patient when we are so focused on just diagnosing and treating their eyes. This knowledge helps us to become better clinicians as we learn to look at the whole person.

UIWFinally, San Antonio is a great place to call home. The city is very friendly to all walks of life, and offers many things to do. For the amusement park people there’s Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Sea World. For the history buffs, San Antonio is rich with history, including many old Missions, not the least of which is The Alamo.  For those who just want to have fun, there’s the Riverwalk, a number of malls and shopping, and tons of restaurants of all kinds.  It’s also extremely affordable to live here, so whether you’re a single student or one supporting a family, anyone can come here and have a great experience!

Overall, I’m very happy to have been selected to attend UIW. It has been great to go to school where I know everyone has your best interest in mind, and I know it will only get better over the next three years. If you’re looking for a quality school where you fit in like family, University of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry is the place!

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