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This is a re-post of the Frequently Asked Questions document for the HPSP Air Force Scholarship, created by the U.S Airforce.

I want to be an optometrist, but I don’t have the money to pay for optometry school. Can the Air Force help me?

Yes. The Air Force offers a Health Professions Scholarship Program to qualified candidates.

How many years of my optometry school will the Air Force pay for?

Health Profession Scholarships are for one, two – or three-year periods and are awarded a year in advance of benefits. If you’re awarded one of our Health Professions Scholarships, we’ll pay the bills while you do the work.

What do the scholarships pay for?

The Scholarship pays full tuition and all required fees. This includes reimbursement for textbooks, small equipment items and supplies needed for study. You’ll also receive a monthly allowance ($2,060) for living expenses.

How can I qualify for an HPSP scholarship?

You must be an U.S. citizen enrolled in an accredited program, have OAT scores and a minimum GPA of 2.5. Selection is very competitive – contact a Health Professions recruiter for further eligibility info.

If I’m selected for the scholarship, what is my commitment?

You’ll serve three years on active duty in the Air Force as an optometrist for a one, two or three-year Scholarship – after you have completed your O.D.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhanced focus on studies due to a lessened financial burden
  • Smooth transition to full time optometrist work after graduation
  • No 3rd party payers to contact!
  • Air Force optometry technicians are highly qualified & skilled Air Force members.
  • Most optometrists work Monday-Friday and receive Federal Holidays off!
  • A shared common bond with your patients – service to country!

How can I find out more information?

You can obtain more information by visiting us at: At the website, you will also be able to locate your nearest Air Force Health Professions Recruiter.

(Main Photo – Capt Christie Barton, 435 Aero-Medical Squadron, Aerospace Optometrist, determines a prescription for Staff Sergeant Kevin Keene, 435 Area Dental Laborator.This procedure is performed on each patient to determine their unique prescription.(U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Julianne Trulson)

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