Optometry’s Meeting 2019: My Personal Recap

I just got back from my first Optometry’s Meeting (OM) located in St. Louis, Missouri. I was given this amazing opportunity to attend a conference before even stepping foot into optometry school. That’s right, I will be starting optometry school in the fall and already have an OM under my belt! Looking back on my experiences, some highlights come to mind that would benefit those who have never been, or those looking forward to attending the next OM!

The Education

Optometry’s Meeting gives students a wide variety of learning opportunities. I was able to sit in on Continuing Education (CE) courses, as well as AOA+ pop-up sessions. These activities aided in learning about new ideas and techniques to implement into a future practice. My favorite session was “squirming patients 101” with  InfantSEE, where I learned techniques to incorporate into infant examinations.

The Inspiration

I hope everyone who attended this year OM got to see the AOA+ keynote speaker, Johnny Cupcakes. His presentation was an inspiration to me and my peers. He took his very specific business and entrepreneurial goals and applied them to our own situations. He inspired us to experiment in our careers and take each failure as a lesson.

As an incoming first-year student, it was inspiring to see everyone involved in the field at all stages. All the students are active in clubs and activities, as well as seasoned doctors, making a difference in their field. It was truly inspiring to see all the opportunities available to me in every step of my future career.

The Events

Each day was something to look forward to with all the sponsored events. The Optometry Student Bowl powered by Essilor was a night filled with excitement and friendship. All the schools bonded together on Wednesday night for their school representative to compete for the Crystal Trophy and Spirit Award. On Thursday, I attended two modules on the topics of the importance of frame fitting and marketing your practice, which gave me the admission to Luxottica Live. This event was held at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, filled with good food, live music, and great memories.

Looking back, I am so happy I got the opportunity to attend Optometry’s Meeting. It is a great opportunity to learn, network, and get excited about the future of our careers. See you all next year in Washington DC for Optometry’s Meeting 2020!

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