CooperVision Adopt-a-Patient Program Winner! YOU Should be Next!

The CooperVision Adopt-a-Patient™ program is a fantastic way for you the improve your patients’ vision and change their lives in the process. It’s easy: if you have a patient in need of contact lenses, but otherwise can’t afford them, submit an email with the patient info to CooperVision and your patient receives a free year’s worth supply of contact lenses! CooperVision will giving away $25 VISA gift cards throughout the year to winning testimonials or stories about your experience utilizing the Adopt-a-Patient™ program and the impact it had on your patient. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR TESTIMONIAL (the scroll to bottom of page)!

We’d like to thank SCO 4th year Virgilio Gozum for submitting his winning testimonial:

“I had a 13-year-old Adopt-A-Patient patient seeking to wear contact lenses for the first time. A myope with more than 2.50 diopters of astigmatism in each eye, he really wanted freedom from glasses. Thus highly motivated, he was able to successfully insert and remove his lenses twice on the first day, despite difficulty. The look on his face once he looked a himself in the mirror – clearly – was something I will remember for a long time. It was as if by fitting him in the Biofinity Toric lenses, I had changed his life drastically! He made me feel like a superhero, and he thanked me profusely at his follow-up exam. I really appreciate the program for helping my patient with his goals.” 

Participate in the Adopt-a-Patient™ program and change your patients’ lives, then submit your testimonial and share your story! See below for more info:

Optometry Students Adopt a Patient infographic

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