AOA-PAC: Its Impact and Your Involvement!

I recently wrote about the presence of the AOA and optometry in Washington and how the organization and advocacy of those in and around the profession allow optometrists to practice the way they do today (such as defending the Harkin Law). As a student myself, I always urge students to be aware of these issues and hopefully become active in defending/promoting them. One way to do just that is through the AOA-PAC organization at your school. This organization does so much for optometry, from backing congressional candidates who support our vision for a recognized, growing profession, to educating optometry students and getting them involved. Check out this brief article detailing some of the success AOA-PAC has had over the last year in promoting congressional candidates for election:

Here’s another one from a few years ago about the integral part AOA-PAC played in getting the first optometrist elected to the U.S. Senate (along with the beginnings of the essential pediatric health benefit and Harkin Amendment)!  You may need a username and password for this Primary Care Optometry News story, but it’s free, takes just a minute and is a great resource:

Lastly, 10 things-to-know about AOA-PAC from

Talk to your class representative to join!  It isn’t unrealistic at all for any of you to have a direct impact on issues such as these, and our profession as a whole for that matter!


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