New Sensor-adapted Contact Lens is Promising for the Study of Glaucoma

The new product named “Triggerfish” is a contact lens adapted with a sensor that provides IOP measurements for a full 24 hours.  The current study involved 19 patients with confirmed glaucoma and 21 suspected of having the condition.  Each patient wore the adapted contact lens sensor on one eye for 24 hours in each of two sessions, conducted 1 week apart.

Obtaining a true 24 hour pressure measurement is difficult and expensive; this device allows for the recording of the IOP without disturbing sleep, and data is transmitted wirelessly from the ocular sensor to a recording device attached to the patient’s waist.  The importance of such a device is its ability to obtain IOP measurements during sleep when IOP is believed to be the highest, which in turn, can be the most devastating in some forms of glaucoma.
“Continuous intraocular pressure measurement with the contact lens sensor was safe and tolerable with repeated use, although mild adverse effects were common and the measurements were variable.”, researchers said.  In terms of efficacy, the device successfully delivered the full 24-hour pressure recordings in both sessions for 36 of the 40 patients involved in the study.  The development of this technology is promising to help practitioners better treat glaucoma in their patient population.
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