“Dua’s Layer” renamed “JustDua Layer” following Nike sponsorship

BEAVERTON, OR- In 2013,  Harminder Singh Dua’s research group discovered a 15 micrometer layer of the cornea that had been previously undetected.

While the layer was going to be aptly named “Dua’s Layer” after the academic group’s leader, there was a slight change in the moniker. “I was approached by a businessman a few days ago who asked if I was interested in selling the rights to the name,” explained Dua, “to which I said, what do you have in mind?”

The businessman was Nike President and CEO Mark Parker, who is no stranger to witty marketing techniques and aggressive salesmanship. After a brief stop at a local coffee shop, Parker and Dua settled on calling the new anatomical find “JustDua Layer,” effectively combining Dua’s last name and the widely used Nike slogan “Just Do It.” “We’ve been trying to move into the scientific market for a long time now. It’s finally happening!” exclaimed Parker. “Don’t be surprised if Nike lab coats are on the market within a few years.”

*featured image courtesy of Pacific University
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