Positive Stories in Optometry News

Hello everyone!  Hopefully all first year students, like me, are now getting used to their weekly exams and study schedules. I decided to bring you some positive news in optometry, resulting from the hard work of all those involved with pushing our profession forward and serving patients or anyone who may need eye care.

I’ll first start off with a huge reason why our profession is where it is today, whether concerning our scope of practice or place within health care.  Did you know that a recent survey showed the AOA as one of the top 10 lobbying groups in the country?  It’s also the only health care organization included in the list!  Here’s a link to the article to learn more: http://newsfromaoa.org/2012/07/13/survey-of-dc-insiders-places-aoa-on-lobbyings-top-10-list/.

Also, check out optometry in the media, promoting awareness of eye health and back to school eye exams, among other topics in a variety of publications, from Shape magazine to USA Today: http://newsfromaoa.org/2012/08/29/aoa-campaign-boosts-optometry-awareness/.

How about optometry’s support for veteran care?  The AOA leaders and other government officials met this summer to discuss the importance of providing quality vision care for veterans: http://newsfromaoa.org/2012/08/22/aoa-leaders-support-advocacy-efforts/.

Lastly, some wonderful stories about efforts to ensure that proper care is given to children as they return to school can be found in Nebraska and Kansas.  The Nebraska Optometric Association (along with the Nebraska Foundation for Children’s Vision and the Eye Care Council) recently received a grant to help provide free vision assessments to pre-schoolers: http://newsfromaoa.org/2012/09/06/nebraskas-see-to-learn-program-provides-free-vision-assessments-for-preschoolers/.

In Kansas, which is largely rural, many residents have to travel a long way just to receive much needed eye care. The KanLovKids program was created to bring this care to the homes of those who struggle with low vision: http://newsfromaoa.org/2012/07/27/kanlovkids-state-program-gives-new-hope-to-children-with-low-vision-and-their-families/.


I’m sure these stories are just a sample of the great things that are going on around the country with those who are actively involved in supporting the profession and providing the best care possible to patients everywhere.  Have a great week everyone!


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