5 Factors in Maintaining the Growth and Stability of Optometry

I was reading a few interesting articles earlier this month that I wanted to share with you. The first was a message from. Ron Hopping, O.D., MPH, AOA president, after a trip he took to Washington, D.C.  I was particularly struck by what he listed as the important, core things that optometrists and their patients should have every right to expect  I think this ties in nicely with an issue such as change in Medicare and how it affects our profession, which is the second article I address.

Core points from Dr. Hopping’s message:

  1. “We must assure our patients’ access to our care,
  2. We must be allowed to deliver patient care at our highest level of training and ability,
  3. We must continue to be recognized as physicians,
  4. We must be fully integrated as primary health care professionals in our nation’s health care system, and
  5. We must be paid fairly and equally for equal care, equal service, and equal responsibility.”

You can check out the full message from Dr. Hopping here: http://newsfromaoa.org/2012/08/30/getting-wrapped-up/

The second article discussed the huge Medicare pay cuts that are set to take effect at the end of this year.  These cuts would greatly reduce Medicare reimbursement rates for ODs and physicians in general.  What needs to be recognized is that patients having full access to comprehensive eye exams could reduce healthcare costs in the long run.  Optometrists play a pivotal role in preventative care, ensuring that patients stay healthy and avoid any future, costlier intervention.

Take a look at the full article at this link: http://newsfromaoa.org/2012/09/01/aoa-to-congress-and-obama-administration-act-now-to-avert-looming-medicare-pay-cut/

What do you think is most important in maintaining the stability and growth of optometry?

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