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Managing Stress During Optometry School

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Endocrinologist Hans Selye defined stress as a nonspecific response to pressure or demand, and this is still true today. Optometry school demands many factors that can cause stress, from workload to studying for exams, financial commitments and many more. Understanding the effects of stress on our minds and bodies and what we can do to …

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Vermont Scope of Practice

Vermont: Freedom and Unity For future physicians who enjoy sailing, hiking, and snowboarding, Vermont is an oasis surrounded by lush green mountains and expansive valleys, which continue to attract tourists when the leaves change in the fall. Larger towns like Burlington and Montpelier are home to the University of Vermont and the state capital, respectively. …

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New Mexico Scope of Practice

New Mexico Scope of Practice Beauty abounds in the great state of New Mexico. Known as the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico boasts scenic mountain ranges, vast deserts, historic ghost towns, and picturesque hot air balloon festivals. The landscape is home to incredible wildlife including wild horses, cacti, and native hogs known as peccary. This …

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Alaska Scope of Practice

Alaska, the Last Frontier: a Leader in Scope of Practice   For curious future optometrists, Alaska offers a wide variety of patient populations including transplants, local Alaskan families, indigenous populations, as well as military service members. UMSL College of Optometry graduate Dr. Amber Mayberry took the time to hold an interview about why she chose to …

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Pennsylvania Scope of Practice

What do the Liberty Bell, Declaration of Independence, and the Franklin bifocal all have in common? They all have roots in the great state of Pennsylvania! From Scranton (featured on the NBC hit series The Office) to Hershey (the nation’s chocolate capital), Pennsylvania boasts a wide range of cultural and historical heritage. Philadelphia, known as …

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West Virginia Scope of Practice

West Virginia is home to historic mining towns, beautiful cities, and a rich cultural heritage. Tucked within the Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia is renowned for its beautiful camping, hiking, white water rafting, and other outdoor activities. Within the state, West Virginia has a vast need for both optometric and primary care. West Virginia currently leads …

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Minnesota Scope of Practice

If you can handle the snow, the land of 10,000 lakes is a wonderful place to live and practice optometry! Because of the abounding love of biking, boating, and exploring the outdoors, Minnesotans are one of the healthiest U.S. populations. The statewide love of hockey, however, often provides optometrists many opportunities to manage post-concussive binocular …

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New Hampshire Scope of Practice

New Hampshire, also known as “The Granite State,” is home to the beautiful White Mountain range as well a diverse array of outdoor activities. Home to beautiful lakes, hiking trails, skiing resorts, and even a small coastline, New Hampshire is perfect for future optometrists who love the great outdoors. New Hampshire residents enjoy a lower …

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5 things you can do today to advocate for optometry

We’ve all heard it before: “optometry is a legislated profession.” But what does that really mean? Put simply, if an optometrist wants to do something, there has to be a law that explicitly states that they can. If your experience in optometry school is anything like mine, you are constantly being reminded of the legislative …

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