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Managing Stress During Optometry School

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Endocrinologist Hans Selye defined stress as a nonspecific response to pressure or demand, and this is still true today. Optometry school demands many factors that can cause stress, from workload to studying for exams, financial commitments and many more. Understanding the effects of stress on our minds and bodies and what we can do to …

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Managing Mental Health in Optometry School

It is no secret that optometry school is one of the most stressful times in many of our lives. Between balancing numerous courses, prepping for boards, clinic shifts, and other obligations, it is an extremely busy phase of life. Pushing through the responsibilities and challenges of school can certainly take a toll on the average …

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Welcome to Virtual Optometry School

The first semester of optometry school should be a memorable experience. You meet the friends you will have for life, receive your white coat (depending on your school), choose your optometric instruments, explore your passions, and much more. But with a global pandemic and state regulations, all of that has been canceled and moved online. …

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