Pacific University

Class of -2015

Shane McDonald, O.D., is an optometrist at Casey Eye Institute. Through Dr. McDonald’s fellowship he has received extensive training in the fitting of contact lenses for eyes of all shapes, sizes and conditions. In addition to fitting normal eyes with astigmatism or presbyopia (multifocal contact lenses), he also prescribes medically necessary contact lenses. Medically necessary lenses cover a broad range of ocular conditions; from excessively high prescriptions, correcting for irregular corneas (keratoconus, scars, problems after LASIK, etc.), to contact lenses for the treatment of dry eyes. Many previously unsuccessful contact lens wearers are now able to benefit from advances in lens designs and new materials on the market today. In addition to Dr. McDonald’s complex cases, he is also accepting and happy to see regular routine vision patients as well!

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