You Can Survive Optometry School

You CAN survive optometry school with chaos!

During optometry school I got married, bought a house, got two new puppies, started coaching Pacific University’s Cheer Squad, and became a leader in AOSA. Most of my friends thought I was crazy; but honestly, that is how I like to live-in a world full of chaos. It all seems to work out better that way!

When I started school I knew it was going to be difficult for me because I had a family, but I was up for the challenge. From day one I made sure I was as organized with my time as I could possibly be. Literally almost every minute was planned out. If you are starting optometry school I would recommend that highly! It really saved me because I felt like I had time for my husband and son, time for myself, and time to play with my dogs.

Cheerleading is one of my biggest passions in life. I was lucky enough to apply for the coaching position at Pacific and was hired! If that wasn’t enough, I decided to join leadership at Pacific by running for AOSA Trustee.

Here I am, six months away from graduation, a mother, a wife, a home owner, a dog owner, VP of AOSA and ALMOST a doctor. You can put your mind to anything if you try and optometry school is just the same.


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