Video Interview with Jordan Kassalow O.D, CEO of VisionSpring

An Extra-Ordinary Path in Optometry
By: Ji Yun Lee – SUNY Optometry 2013 

Dr. Jordan Kassalow saw a need. During his first SVOSH trip, he saw the deep impact of vision loss in his patients’ lives. Fortunately, Dr. Kassalow also found the solution. Most of the vision loss could be corrected with simple reading glasses. However, access to these affordable glasses is a huge barrier in the developing world.

Dr. Kassalow combined his entrepreneur spirit, knowledge of optometry and passion for global impact to form VisionSpring, a social enterprise that provides high quality, low cost glasses in developing nations through empowering local entrepreneurs. The best news is that it works, it’s sustainable, increases the customer’s daily life productivity, provides rewarding jobs for the local entrepreneurs and overall increases the quality of life for each patient.

VisionSpring will soon be celebrating the sale of one million glasses. The estimated global economic impact that Vision Spring generated is $230 million.

Dr. Kassalow shares his story on how he began VisionSpring, what keeps him going and imparts some words of wisdom for optometry students.

This interview covers everything from…

  • How Dr. Kassalow started his Non-Profit organization
  • Advice for students who want to pursue public health Optometry abroad and in the USA
  • Dr. Kassalow’s keys to being a successful business owner
  • How you can get involved with Vision Spring
  • Plus much more!

Dr. Kassalow took the untrodden path as an optometrist, often creating his own paths to pursue his passion. Where will your path lead you?

Ji Yun Lee Team Member
SUNY 2013 

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