Video Interview Dr. Ciuffreda, Binocular Vision Specialist recently had the pleasure to speak to one of the world’s experts in binocular vision, Dr. Kenneth Ciuffreda. Dr. Ciuffreda has spent ample time researching and working with patients with various complex visual dysfunctions, and has contributed many studies providing proper analysis and treatment for these patients including individuals with mild traumatic brain injury.

As the demand to provide care to these individuals increases, it is critical that current students and optometrists become familiar with the presenting visual symptoms these patients posses as well as the methods to remediate these problems. Dr. Ciuffreda has contributed a lot of literature to the topic of mild traumatic brain injury such as his four-tiered approach model in his recent publication Conceptual Model of Optometric Vision Care in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (click to download) and provided an insight into these patients in our discussion.

Tune in to hear what Dr. Ciuffreda had to say about his own motivation to pursue a career in optometry, where he thinks the profession has been and the direction it is going, and how vision therapy is such an important tool in the remediation of visual dysfunction in various patients including those with mild traumatic brain injury.


Watch it in HD here instead – Click Here

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