The Journey Into 4th Year

As the class of 2013 begins their journey into 4th year, we wave goodbye to class lecture forever. It is a true feeling of jubilance, no more class, no more exams, no more studying! Not quite. While it is true that we are done with classes and lectures, we must remember we have just begun to learn. In a profession that is continuously expanding in regards to technology and scope of practice, we must constantly be on our toes to keep pace with it. This means we need to take it upon ourselves to continue our studies outside the classroom. Reading journals, staying cognizant of new research, and eventually attending continuing education is a critical step in advancing our knowledge.

As for exams, we did not quite escape that either. The truth is that every day will now be a test where we apply what we’ve learned over the past three years to patient care. We need to think like clinicians and put pieces together to solve problems, and doing so requires us to utilize the foundations we’ve built in the classroom all of our lives. We must not become complacent but need to take ourselves to the next level. This means our learning has really only just begun. The past three years of didactic classes were a mere stepping stone. Our professors and instructors provided us with the tools and foundations to learn, now it’s our responsibility to make use of them to advance ourselves and succeed.

By: Antonio Chirumbolo SUNY 2013 Content & Interview Coordinator

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